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Changes coming soon

steve2This blog really went in a different direction than my original thoughts. My original thought showed a need for a separate labor blog (Voice of Labor) And then this blog turned more into a beach photo blog, which is not what I really wanted. So I’m taking a break to work things out

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and even had a domain for it at one time, was a blog for technology and activism. (I had the domain but I never had the time to do it right, and only having an android app made it difficult. With a large part of activist having Macs and iOS hardware, I need to be able to review them for the blog. Hence the hold up. Loosing my job really did not help, but I have a good feeling that the job issue will be solved by mid November (and if I get the job I think I will, a nice bump in pay) This will enable  me to get the hardware I want and to do the reviews I need.

So, there is a hold on the blog. But here’s what I’ll be working on by the new year:

Tumblr Photo blog to keep up what was here. This should be available in a week or two

Get a freaking job !!!!

Get iOS device (probably an iPad Mini) and move on turning this into a blog for technology and activism.

Stay turned ……..