Apps for Activist – Record the Police

I had not intended to start this blog for a couple weeks, but I wanted to get this information out to people. So pardon my mess, I’m still hard at work getting this going.

The news over the last week once again tells us that it’s just not safe to black in America. The senseless violence of cops on the black community is not something that going to change any time soon, at least not with some serious (watching my words here) action. But while we organize, and prepare to take on the killers on our streets, there is one simple thing you can do it help. Got a cell phone? Turn it into some serious activism with these apps.

The first app is called Mobile Justice and is from the ACLU. It has 18 specific apps depending on what state you live in. But don’t let the state thing fool you, you can use it in whatever state you are in. The reason for the specific states is that it will give you the laws in those states to better inform you of you rights. This app did everything you could want it to do, except apparently save the video to you phone. I say this because there was no mention of it, and you can’t really test it to see. (the test button just lets you see that you will record) But if you should have to record, it’s very easy, hit record, the screen goes blank so you can hide the fact your recording, and shake the phone when finished.I could explain the app to you more, but why do that when there is a video to do that:

The app is real easy to use and is available for Android and iOS. Just follow this link to see if there is one for you state.

The next app is called Hands Up and is only for Android. It cost $.99 and I’m not sure if it is worth it or not. The app has GPS, which is a great feature, it got my address right, and showed it on the screen. But the upload methods are a bit of a hassle. You can save it manually to your youtube page, the key here is MANUAL. The automatic save is using dropbox. The problem with this is it will save every picture and Video that you do. Again, something you may not want to do. It has a list of Do/Dont which may also be helpful. You can download the Android App at this link.

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The last app I’m going to recommend is Periscope from the people at Twitter. This app allows you to broadcast live broadcast to the internet. Others can watch you’re live video or can later watch the saved recording. Being a social program, it’s not designed as a program to record police, but the live broadcast can sure come in handy. Say you’re at a protest march and the police are getting a little randy. Turn on Periscope, name your broadcast, and have at it. When the cops get out of hand, you have a ready-made audience watching your live broadcasting. You can download Periscope for Android here, and for iOS here.



Well, that’s it for now.


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