steve2The Top Ten things to Know about me …….

  • My birthday is May 15th. Feel free to grab me something off my Amazon Wish List if you like.
  • I live in Springfield Oregon right on the Willamette River .
  • I am a Union Representative and Organizer between jobs.
  • I have a cat named Gator who recently got his own Facebook Page
  • My family has been visiting Sanibel for the last 40+ years and I lived on the Island for 4 years in the 90’s.
  • Growing up I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. As you can see, that did not work out but my love of sea life has remained
  • I am very much against the keeping of Whales, Dolphins and any other Marine Mammal in captivity and support Sea Shephard in their battle to protect sea life
  • My current tech includes:
    • A Nextbit Robin Mint, currently running the ROM it shipped with. One-Plus One, and a Nexus 5 running Maru Rom
    • A Chrome Pixel 2 LS (LS is for Ludicrous Speed)
    • System76 Laptop running Linux
    • Intel Nuc (Broadwell chip) running Ubuntu 15.04 with Plex and other Media Software (Cord Cutter)
    • A Chrome Pixel C, running Andriod “nougat” A Nexus 9 running also running nougat, and two Nexus 7’s. one as an alarm clock and one as my GPS
    • A Toshiba Windows 10 (yeah, not proud but I needed to learn the new windows version), and various other older laptops all running Linux
    • Apple Ipad Air 2, 64 meg model (again, I needed to learn iOS
    • Smartthings Hub and some smart home stuff
    • Hue lights
    • An Amazing Amazon Echo
    • Several Raspberry pi waiting for me to finish their projects.
    • And other sorts of small gadgets and such
  • Oregon Beaches are nice, but I’m not getting over how cool things are on the coast here. I can’t quite enjoy it barefoot like I can Florida
  • OK, that’s only 9, but who’s counting



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